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Your "HIGH TECH" Mopar Engine Builder

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* Rich Nedbal's HEMI book entitled "How to Build  Max-Performance HEMI Engines" will be out at the end of July.  Mopar Engines West was a participant in Rich's effort and we are reselling autographed copies of his book for $24.95.  Click HERE for for book info:

* Some engine Videos:

493" 2006 Engine Challenge Wedge
572" Hemi, KB Block, 16 Plug, EFI, Dry Sump
572" Hemi Race Engine
Nedbal's 572" KB Hemi Neon
Hemi against Wedge

* Hey you Restoration Mopar people ...  What to know how to decode your engine block or heads or engine stampings??? Click HERE

* We changed the EFI page to reflect FAST Man EFI
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We accept: Cash, Checks, Gold Bullion or Gasoline (just kidding on the last 2).

Computer simulation is used to optimize each engine...before it's built.

Rich Nedbal wins the NHRA Division-7 ET Finals in Super-Pro
on his 65th birthday too!
Medicare and racing - they go together don't they?

Here's a customer "Hanging a Wheelie"
with his 500" wedge.
Here's Dave and Kyle working of a Big Hemi.

This HEMI uses an F3 Procharger and FAST EFI.

We stopped at just under 1500 HP which is this dyno's limit.  The customer will run > 20 lbs of boost which will allow this 540" HEMI to produce > 2000 HP.


This is Bob Stanford's Top Sportsman Barracuda with a big Mopar Engines West 572" Wedge.

Good job Bob - Beautiful car!

On Sunday March 23 2009 Rich Nedbal (FAST Man EFI)
won the Quick-16 class at Mopars At The Strip in Las Vegas.

His engine is the same engine that we entered into the 2006 Mopar Muscle Engine Challenge.
Of course Rich converted it over to EFI and detuned it slightly so it could safely run on 91 octane pump gas.
The Hemi at the left is a very special piece, designed to hold up to the grueling abuse of Bonneville.

Dry sump oiling
Stage-V roller rockers
Hogan's sheet metal manifold
and custom spray bars in the valve covers:

Very cool Hilborn Injected 572" KB HEMI
converted to EFI

Another cool EFI HEMI:
16 plugs, Dual distributor, Dry Sump
"Street Motor" on pump gas.


Very COOL COP (Coil-On-Plug) HEMI
For April 2006 Hot Rod Magazine Cover Car


Unbelievable Artwork of a "Barracuda"

This is the new KB block. It's a full water block with special sealing tricks. Until Mopar blocks are available again - consider using one of these for your street HEMI.  It's more expensive but it weighs only 140 lbs. 


New Mopar Engines West HEMI valve covers.
Cast aluminum. 
The Mopar Engines West logo can be replaced with any engraving of your choice and filled with any color.

Nice "LITTLE" Blown EFI street HEMI.


This is the GTX-R engine after
I rebuilt it and set up the EFI.