Top 5 Cool Tech Gadgets You should have for 2019.

Welcome to back! Amazon gift cards are really best, there are many different things to spend on this! So you can bet I was excited when I have gifted a $100 Amazon gift card! Immediately, I went to work trying to find some really fun gadgets and, wouldn’t you know, I came across these five, all under $100, that I just had to share with our reader!


1.QOOCOM 360 and 3D camera.

So, first of all, we have candles QOOCOM is one of the most exciting 360 cameras in which there are 3 lenses and it can convert from 360 camera to 3D 180 VR 180 camera, it has a very unique swivel body.

when the camera is vertical it uses two fisheye lenses on the opposite sides to capture 360 images and in 3d mode, the camera lenses can swivel to a horizontal position to use the two fisheye lenses on the same side to capture a 3d photo the video quality on this is amazing.

It can capture high speed 4k 360 videos at 60fps and 2k 360 videos at 120 fps and it even allows you to change the focus from the subject to the background and vice versa after shooting the video and it also has built-in stabilization and great depth mapping all I have to say is this is a great tree 60 degrees camera.


2.HAVIT E5 Bluetooth Speaker

The second thing is HAVIT E5 Bluetooth Speaker. this rough-and-tough audio device can go anywhere and they make it possible to take your music with you wherever you go the E5 waterproof through.

The speaker from HAVIT is a really nice option for heavy-duty use as well as just having a nice listening experience with the addition of a 4000mAH power bank it can even charge your mobile devices and the speaker is also red dot award-winner for design and it’s both fashionable and portable the speaker is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

With an ipx7 rating and we have to say the sound is also amazing giving you a tight base their audio and great hides plus the clamshell design can help you pair another speaker giving you a better sound.


3.VUP Car Mounts

The third thing a perfect VUP Car Mounts phone mount is hard but I recently came across a company called up and have to say they make amazing mounts for your phone the first one is the windshield mount this one comes with a washable strong sticky gel pad.

That sticks to your windshield it even holds the largest of phones and secures them with the quick release button you can easily put it on.


4.VPU Arm Band

Fourth is Arm Band the armband which secures your phone with a stretchable rubber this mount you will have to wrap around your arm now this mount you will have to wrap around your arm.

It is very useful when you are exercising or traveling the air phone cable manager is very helpful and the mount can serve 180 degrees.

So, you have a lot of room for adjustability plus you get a whole year of warranty on all these three products which makes it this a great Buy.



5.OAXIS Timepiece

Last one we have the OAXIS Timepiece I have always admired classic looking Analog watches than fitness trackers but the OAXIS Timepiece.

Combines them both to give you a classic looking watch with fitness tracking it has a small screen on the watch that displays.

The distance covered by the calories burned by your heartbeat has been fixed, the monitoring of sleep and the incident information, and the best part is that the battery lasts for about 25 days so you will not have any problems charging each time.