Beware of Fake Products Sold Online.

It’s true that nobody likes to buy fake products. However, companies offering fake online products use such temptations that consumers can’t resist. Most of the online shoppers face this issue. In fact, the inability to judge the product quality merely through pictures is the major cause of ending up buying fake products.

To avoid happening this to you and identifying the fake online products, just follow these handy tips.

Verify Seller’s identity

Before buying an online product, always make sure to verify the contact details of a company. It is essential as if you discover a problem with the item; you must know how to report such an issue.

Therefore, check the name of such a company by verifying its physical address, email address, official phone number or website. You can identify whether a product is fake or original by verifying these details.

Consumer Reviews

Even if you find credible information on the company site, this may not suggest that the company is offering genuine products. For this purpose, you can search for unbiased consumer reviews either on the site or on Youtube.

You can also get an idea that whether these reviews are planted or genuine by reading these reviews. It is easy to understand that there is something fishy if the same person offers a review of a similar product on different websites.

Look for a Trust Mark

In fact, a trust mark is a kind of stamp, which verifies that the webshop is genuine and offers quality products. A third party awards this trust mark to a webshop, if it meets all the quality requirements.

Carefully Read the layout of a Website

In most of the cases, you won’t get a professional feel when you land of a site that deals in fake products. The content is of low quality, as you can easily spot spelling and grammatical errors. Moreover, don’t trust websites that use specific words like ‘Cheap’ and ‘Outlet’ with their brand name and URL.

Don’t Fall Prey to Lower Price

Usually, counterfeit or fake products are available at a much lower price than the original ones. Hence, settle only for those products that are realistically priced. For this purpose, make sure to compare the price of a similar product at some other e-commerce sites.

Look for Authorized Seller

In fact, it would be wise to buy a product from the official seller. However, if you are getting some sort of discount at any other site, make sure to verify whether such a seller owns the authorization to sell such a product.

Usually, popular brands choose a limited number of retailers and award them with the authorization to sell their products. If the site offers a product, keep in mind to check for its authorization certificate.

Avoid Refurbished Products

It is quite difficult to judge a refurbished product from the new one. Apparently, both these products seem identical. In order to know whether a product is new or refurbished, look for the warranty. If the company offers a valid warranty, this means the product is new.